Bowling centers have provided entertainment for families, friends, leagues and groups for over 30 years. Over the last 20 years, bowling centric FEC’s have incorporated several new entertainment services into their existing center platform. There has been several factors for this change, including increased opportunity to drive new and existing customers, increasing sales revenue per square foot by maximizing space and to stay competitive in the market. However, the lack of customer data retention tools, neglected marketing needs and the use of traditional marketing tactics have led to underwhelming results in sales revenue for many bowling centers today.  

Bowling centers invested in their company’s future by adding new entertainment services such as laser tag, putt-putt golf, and advanced arcade gaming to their existing bowling service. This new look requires a modernized tactic to help drive customers on a repeat basis. The use of digital marketing tactics leads to a better understanding of the customers by capturing their data, interests and interactions with the digital brand. Without this information, it is extremely difficult to segment audiences and pinpoint the right messaging for advertising, promotions and any marketing generated campaigns.

Sticking to traditional marketing tactics adversely affected their center’s results as the business transitioned to a new entertainment service. Today’s vibrant and social audience known as Millennials are connected to the digital world. In 2015, a study performed by Strike 10 found that 88% of Millennials prefer to bowl when in a group or social setting (See illustration below).

Illustration obtained from Strike10 Research Study (2015)


Now the question is, how can I start capturing my customer data and increasing revenue from marketing?  

The answer to this question can be found in the Pinaka Customer Retention Management system (CRM). Before we get to our essential solution to your FEC marketing needs, we must understand what Digital Marketing means.


What is Digital Marketing and how can it help generate increased revenue?

When a business, product or service advertisement is conducted through online “mediums”, it is considered Digital Marketing. Examples of mediums include the use of smart devices such as mobile phones, speakers, tablets, laptops, PC’s for advertising and socializing valuable content.

What are the keys to optimized brand value and increasing market share? Marketing sections that can help FEC’s retain customers and reach the skyrocketing heights of success, again and again through digital marketing mediums.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is a powerful tool for marketers. It is utilized to increase online traffic to a website, landing page or online marketing medium through strategically placed content, meta data and web development, helping influence the communication of a company’s products and services online.


Social Media – There is a common misconception that social media is strictly for sharing personal updates, birthday wishes or memories. There is a lot more value for your brand within social media.


What is SMO?

Often overlooked by today’s top brands is SMO (Social Media Optimization). Much like SEO, SMO is a method for optimizing the search function within each social network and Google search.


How do we get the most out of our SMO?

Integrate social media sharing throughout the website – This helps generate increased engagement by utilizing the website traffic referrals to the social networks. It is an effective tool for driving web traffic to your branded social media accounts and increasing engagement opportunities over time.

Add keywords to social posts – Just like a website, blog content and advertising campaigns, keywords play a critical role in social post engagement rates. Keep the content relevant to the audience that the message serves.


  • Build a relationship with the social audience. By interacting with audiences on social media, activity increases and this creates an expanded social media footprint for promotions. Get involved with positively related content, when your business is mentioned, for good or bad, the brand should always engage in a positive way.  



  • Mirror company information on the website to social media. Consistency provides a smooth transition for audiences from the FEC website to the social media profiles and vice versa. Don’t leave any stone un-turned. Search engines lean heavier towards websites (meta data) and social media profiles that are 100% complete. This helps that ranking score to place your brand in the top searches on social media.


Social media users are sharing their experiences whether it is with a particular brand or their personal networks. Understanding the audience behavior and interactions is key to marketing messaging. That kind of intelligence can be used to target customers with the right marketing messages and provide them with the right products or services that match their interests, resulting in increased revenue.

One way to accomplish engagement and behavioral data would be to offer a social game. Offering social games can help increase followers and engagements and is a tactic used to maximize opportunities to grow a brand’s social footprint. User generated content such as images is more valuable than general reviews or likes on a social post. Social media audiences tend to gravitate towards visual content. A limited time social game, where social audience post a picture from their experience at a particular Bowling FEC on that company’s page, where the best picture wins a “prize”. This kind of engagement opens up new doors for social connections and customer generated promotions of the brand.

Content – All things considered when building traffic for a website, it is content that’s going to speak volume for a brand. Conveying the right message to the targeted audience should be accomplished in fruitful manner by incorporating informative content that conveys the benefits and captures the audience’s attention. And yes, if it is SEO optimized content, then make sure to embed keywords (Examples: Bowling, Laser Tag, Arcade) into the website meta data and its content.

Promotions – Leverage social presence and shareable networks to increase message exposure and engagement with your brand. Utilizing a specific product or service such as bowling. Use free bowling games to drive action to the most critical aspects of the brand, from social following and likes to the brand’s website and mobile app downloads.

Rebranding – If there is a consensus that the FEC is spinning its wheels and revenue is decreasing, then a rebrand of the business name or a new product/service addition could turn things around. Yes, you heard that right! Add new services or elements to your venture and re-launch it to seek the required attention with a whole new revenue driver. Every business needs a face lift now and again. Some more often than others.  

Paid marketing – Need to run marketing efforts according to the marketing rules and protocol? Then don’t forget to hop on the paid marketing campaigns which includes-PPC (Pay-per-Click), social advertising and Google Adwords can help drive new revenue. Making sure the brand is ready for the traffic is key, from an optimized website, to a loyal customer base that promotes your brand can all make a difference in generating greater revenue from paid advertising.

Google Adsense – While surfing different websites, you must have seen ads popping up all around your screen. Want the same for your own business website? Then become eligible and apply for the Google Adsense account.

Keywords– Last but not least are keywords. The entire game of digital marketing or SEO begins with relevant keywords which help increase the website ranking on Google search. In this case, let’s say we want to embed keywords throughout the website. For a Bowling FEC, a few keywords might be: bowling, laser tag, entertainment, arcade, games, and family entertainment. Throughout the website meta data, from meta descriptions, webpage titles, URL, slug and page content all should have that specific keyword embedded within the page. This helps Google recognize your business by crawling it and pulling specific keywords that generate more audiences for your website pages.

Bowling FEC continues to be a major source of entertainment for millions of people in the United States and around the world. Incorporating marketing hacks throughout your business such as the 8 suggested will help grow your customers in a digital world.


In conclusion  

Bowling FEC’s are alive and well offering its customers some of the latest in family entertainment products and services. Utilizing result-oriented digital marketing hacks such as our 8 keys in this blog will help drive new customers and returning customers over and over for a better brand experience and customer loyalty. All of this really works and some of today’s most successful brands using the same digital marketing hacks! Why not you?