What if the moving circles represented bowling customers?

And your FEC was in the center…

That’s a lot of circles in your bowling center.

We can help get you there!

Who We Are


Pinaka is an end-to-end marketing solutions company providing family entertainment centers with a customer generating, management and promotional machine. Drive more customer and event traffic with a cloud-based reservations and event proposal management system connected to text messaging, digital marketing, website, advertising, and analytics services.

92% of customers make purchases from businesses they follow.

Pinaka Digital Services


Our digital marketing strategy is built on the foundation of driving measurable results.

We take an omni-channel approach to online marketing with a focus on increasing customer conversions, repeat traffic and generating increased return on investment over time.

PinText Marketing

Promoting your customer loyalty program just got easier. Our text marketing platform is designed to capture customer information from anywhere. Your customers simply text their email address, and automatically placed in our email marketing program.

digital marketing
digital marketing

PinPoint CRM

PinPoint is a contact storage and management program for your customers, businesses, schools and churches. PinPoint optimizes the FEC sales and marketing program through information gathered from PinText and Bowling Reservation System.

PinPoint Reservations

A new meaning to online family entertainment customer and event reservations.

Our program provides customers a seamless online buying experience. Watch your entertainment promotions excelerate with our step-by-step approach to generating more customers. Increase repeat customers and excelerate your entertainment revenue goals.

digital marketing
digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Elevate your marketing operations with our digital marketing services.

When deciding to invest in marketing, you need a strategic partner that understands your real goals. We understand marketing is an investment for your business, and we are dedicated to delivering strategic marketing programs that produce an exceptional return.

Website Design Services

Does your website need a new look? Promote your business with the latest website designs that excite your audience. Our web design team’s expertise is building websites that incorporate attractive designs that excite your audience with a seamless user experience, converting more web traffic into paying customers.

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